inclusion matters.

Being an EQUAL ACCESS COMPANY means your business embraces a culture
of nondiscrimination and inclusion. Join the EQUAL ACCESS revolution!

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    Use of the Badge

    Not every business can use the EQUAL ACCESS COMPANY badge. Your site must first be audited and your company vetted. Your business & website must have or promote:


    ADA Compliance

    Your website must be ADA compliant, following the latest WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. This can be done internally, or by a qualified third-party. Contact us for recommendations.

    Adjustable Text

    Your website must have a dashboard designed to give customization options to those with certain disabilities. Adjustable text, colors, etc.


    Accessibility Statement

    Your website must feature an Accessibility Statement, proclaiming how it has been made accessible to people with disabilities, and how it intends to be inclusive.


    Responsive Design

    Your website must be designed in a way that it can be experienced by guests with tablets, monitors, and smartphones.


    Proactive Plan

    Your company must also have a plan to KEEP your site accessible in the future. Certain AI exists that assists with htis, but many times it is simply a monthly or quarterly audit, with intent for consistent upkeep.


    Commitment to Equality

    Your company must simply pledge that giving equal access to all people, regardless of ability, gender, sexual orientation, skin pigmentation, spiritual belief, socio-economic status or political affiliation. Welcome ALL.


    Our Mission

    Because inclusion matters.

    We see a world where companies are unified by a shared belief that access to web content and it's knowledge is to be shared with EVERYONE. By showcasing that they are an ``EQUAL ACCESS COMPANY``, businesses can inspire others to do the same. Sharing literally IS caring, and that mantra holds true in the world-wide-web more than it ever did in Kindergarten. Access is for everyone.

    A Shared Belief

    Inspirational quotes from like-minded individuals with big beliefs.

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